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Welcome to the Home of New Jersey's First — and Only — VIRAL BOOTH!

Instantly share your fun, newly made memories with family and friends no matter how near - or far - they are.

Choose Your Experience

Strike a Pose

Share and Enjoy

Viral Booth connects the power of social media with everyone's favorite party guest — the photo booth — to bring TONS of fun to your next event! Born on the West Coast, Viral Booth has just landed here in the Garden State — so make room on the guest list of your next party, New Jersey!
The most innovative HD photo and video booth on the market today, after snapping your photos while you're all decked-out in super-fun props, Viral Booth let's you instantly 'Share' them on Facebook and Twitter — as well as text them or e-mail them to yourself, family or friends! 
Even better still, Viral Booth also lets you shoot  short, personalized video messages and prints-out up to six (6) photostrips per session! That way, guests can keep their own and help you create an awesome scrapbook to commemorate the occassion — all at the same time! Now, our complimentary online galleries are also able to include all of the content uploaded by guests onto Instagram too.

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Book VIRAL BOOTH for Your Next New Jersey-Based Event Today!

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